REL 212 Week 4 Discussion STR



REL 212 Week 4 Discussion STR


COMPLETE BOTH DISCUSSION TOPICS  A and B.  BELOW PERTAINING TO OUR STUDIES THIS WEEK ON DAOISM AND CONFUCIANISM. (Remember you will also complete 2 Charts this Week, one for each religion.)

A. Daoism   Summarize what the main understanding of Daoism is.

-What is the meaning of Ying and Yang in this religion?

-In what ways has  Divination been a part of  Daoism? Definition of Divination:the practice of attempting to foretell future events or discover hidden knowledgeby occult or supernatural means.

B. Confuciansim   Develop a biography of Confucious showing who he was, what he taught and give a general summary of his teaching (What did he stress, what was important?)

-Find a quote attributed to Confucius and state what it means. Do not use a previously presented quote found in the thread or no credit.


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REL 212 Week 4 Discussion STR

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REL 212 Week 4 Discussion STR

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