REL 212 Full Course Discussions STR



REL 212 Full Course Discussions STR

REL 212 Week 1 Discussion STR

“Understanding Religions and Indigenous Sacred Ways.”  Please respond to the following:

“Understanding Religions and Indigenous Sacred Ways”  Please respond to the following:

1.  Summarize in you own words the friction that has existed between religion and science (pg 20 and following). What questions do both religion and science seek to answer? What approach does science take in answering these questions, how does religion respond to these questions?

2. Why is it important to study Indigenous Religions that date back many centuries ago? How can this study assist us in understanding  the nature of religion in the 21st century

3. Define religion, and discuss why it is useful in society. Explain why it is important for you personally to understand the beliefs of other religious groups.

REL 212 Week 2 Discussion STR

“Hindu Way of Life.”  Please respond to the following:

To better understand world religions, the key is becoming acquainted with the Sacred Texts of that religion. An example would be that one best understands Judaism by becoming acquainted with the Old Testament.  This week we consider one of the oldest religions in Hinduism and its Sacred Texts which includes the Vedas that probably came out of the Indus Valley in India where the seeds of Hinduism first began and developed around 1000 BC. Read the section of the text, The Vedas (pg79-81) as an overview for this week’s discussion

Go to the following website following and choose three of the Vedas quotes.

A. Write the quotes out that you choose then:  

Summarize the meaning as you understand it and by quoting a small portion and adding any comments or reflections on what you read. 

B. What meaning can you draw that your selections may seek to communicate for persons today in the 21st century?

C. JAINISM –   Choose ONE  (1) of the following principles of Jainism and summarize its meaning for this religion:  AHIMSA    APARIGRAHA   ANEKANTWAD


REL 212 Week 3 Discussion STR

“Noble Action, Sacred Call, or Desire.”  Please respond to the following:

Choose one of the following topics of Buddhism to bring new information to your classmates for further discussion: Go beyond the textbook to at least one other source and include it.  Discuss only one in 3 paragraphs: Points off if not at least 3 paragraphs, but no more than 5 paragraphs.

A.  Give a short biography of Siddhartha Gautama. who became the Buddha. What does his desire and search for liberation of the soul suggest for modern seekers after religious experience?

B.  Discuss how the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path can help one to overcome desire and suffering?

C. Discuss the Path of Thereveda Buddhism including its origin and its teachings. What application does this path have for modern religious practice?

D. Discuss the Path of Mahayana Buddhism including its origin and its teachings.   What application does this path have for modern religious practice?

REL 212 Week 4 Discussion STR


COMPLETE BOTH DISCUSSION TOPICS  A and B.  BELOW PERTAINING TO OUR STUDIES THIS WEEK ON DAOISM AND CONFUCIANISM. (Remember you will also complete 2 Charts this Week, one for each religion.)

A. Daoism   Summarize what the main understanding of Daoism is.

-What is the meaning of Ying and Yang in this religion?

-In what ways has  Divination been a part of  Daoism? Definition of Divination:the practice of attempting to foretell future events or discover hidden knowledgeby occult or supernatural means.

B. Confuciansim   Develop a biography of Confucious showing who he was, what he taught and give a general summary of his teaching (What did he stress, what was important?)

-Find a quote attributed to Confucius and state what it means. Do not use a previously presented quote found in the thread or no credit.

REL 212 Week 6 Discussion STR

“The Role of the Torah and Special Covenant”  Please respond to the following:

  • Discuss the significance of the “special covenant” between the Jewish people and God.
  • Name at least two examples of this covenant in the Jewish religion from Covenants given to either  Abraham ,Noah,or  Moses and specifically what it promises.
  • In light of the Palestenian dispute of Israeli land today, what does God’s Covenant with Israel from the past strongly teach regarding who owns the land?

REL 212 Week 7 Discussion STR

If you have missed it, our text states that “The Pentecostal-Charismatic movement is now said to be the fastest growing religious movement throughout the world. Asia, Africa, and Latin America are experiencing explosive growth of Pentecostal-Charismatic churches” Fisher, pg 384).

Largest Church in History. Yoido Full Gospel Church (Pentecostal) Seoul, S. Korea  800,000 (Uses multiple buildings, services, )

  • Give a brief history of the Pentecostal-Charismatic movement beginning with Charles Parham and Joseph Seymour (See textbook pg 382-385).
  • Many Bible Scholars are connecting the current Pentecostal Charismatic Movement with the ancient Prophecy of Joel 2 and the final spiritual outpouring prior to the 2nd Coming of Christ. see below. What do you think?

Joel 2 (Old Testament)

28-32 “And that’s just the beginning: After that—

“I will pour out my Spirit
    on every kind of people:
Your sons will prophesy,
    also your daughters.
Your old men will dream,
    your young men will see visions.
I’ll even pour out my Spirit on the servants,
    men and women both.
I’ll set wonders in the sky above
    and signs on the earth below:
Blood and fire and billowing smoke,
    the sun turning black and the moon blood-red,
Before the Judgment Day of God,
    the Day tremendous and awesome.
Whoever calls, ‘Help, God!’
    gets help.
On Mount Zion and in Jerusalem
    there will be a great rescue—just as God said

REL 212 Week 8 Discussion STR

  The West has become the object of Islamic extremism and hatred…Almost 400 people have been charged with terrorism since 9/11 (  Terrorism After 9/11)  Mass killings by Muslim extremists have also taken place around the world.  In this week’s Discussion, review the Open Letter To America by Osama Bin Laden to see the arguments he makes against America and Israel, and take note of Scriptures from the Koran he uses to validate his point.  Go into the mind of an Islamic Extremist and see how he thinks about America.

–      In the mind of Islamic Extremists:  “A Letter To America”  by Osoma Bin Laden

V   View the following website which includes the letter from Bin Laden and respond to the questions below:

1. Summarize in your own words what Bin Laden is stating to America.

2.     2. Are there points in the letter that you agree and which do you disagree? Why?

3.     3.  What can Americans and our political leaders learn from this letter?

F    4 From Bin Laden’s letter, what is your understanding of the reason behind the violence by  Islamic radicals against the West after reading this letter?  


REL 212 Week 9 Discussion STR

“5 Ks of Sikhism.”  Please respond to the following:

Identify the 5 Ks of Sikhism, and explain which one intrigues you the most.

REL 212 Week 10 Discussion STR

“The Present and the Future of Religion.”  Please respond to the following:

  • Among the religions we discussed this week, identify one religion that you find the most interesting. Explain your response.
  • Explain at least three ways that social trends affect the formation of new religions and dictate new religious movements.

REL 212 Week 11 Discussion STR

“After It’s All Said and Done…”  Please respond to the following:

  • Explain what religion is, and give your opinion as to whether religion is different from spirituality.
  • Identify three surprising concepts that you learned about religion in this course, and explain why they surprised you.


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REL 212 Full Course Discussions STR

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