NSG 6630 Week 7 Project Latest SU



NSG 6630 Week 7 Project Latest SU

NSG 6630 Week 7 Project

Evidence-Based Organizational Change—Part 1

Typically it takes seventeen years to get nursing research from the “bench to the bedside,” and this is entirely too long! Just think of the compromises or “missteps” in nursing care that could negatively impact patient satisfaction and patient outcomes . Organizational change, as well as nursing care, must be grounded in evidence-based strategies at all times . It can be challenging to seek out and apply evidence-based knowledge for clinical practice, operational issues, and nursing leadership .Nurse leaders must have quality time to ponder, review, locate, analyze, and synthesize evidence-based resources to guide practice and organizational change .Nurse leaders must be able to apply effective evidence-based strategies to foster and promote quality care and achieve the organizational mission and strategic outcomes .Nurse leaders must also be able to clearly communicate change to multiple key stakeholders within the healthcare organization .One of the ways to communicate change is to prepare an executive summary describing the proposed change .

This week, you will begin preparing an executive summary of an evidence-based organizational change to improve one aspect or focus of the healthcare organization’s strategic plan .You will also present your rationale for implementing the evidence-based practice change .

The purpose of this assignment is to assess your progress on the final executive summary due in Week 10 .This assignment provides you the opportunity to self-assess and determine any issues or challenges that need to be resolved prior to completing and submitting the final assignment .

Week 7 Tasks

Begin this assignment by having a discussion with your practicum preceptor .Select a topic or area of interest related to your administrative experience in your chosen practicum setting .

Using the readings for the week, the South University Online Library, and the Internet, prepare a 1–2-page paper covering the following:

Selecting the Issue: Provide a brief summary of the issues or problem areas of your selected issue or area of interest .Provide a rationale for implementing the evidence-based practice change to this issue or area of interest .

Data Gathering: Conduct a literature review of at least two to three peer-reviewed articles as well as qualitative data related to the selected topic or area of interest .Explain your findings .

Identifying the Change Theory: Identify one change theory that could apply to your selected topic or area .Briefly explain how you plan to apply this change theory to your selected topic or area of interest .Explain the goodness-of-fit of the selected change theory .Provide a valid rationale for your answer .


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 NSG 6630 Week 7 Project Latest SU

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NSG 6630 Week 7 Project Latest SU

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