MKT 373 Week 8 Complete Work GCU



MKT 373 Week 8 Complete Work GCU

MKT 373 Topic 8 DQ 1

Using an industry resource such as the Sports Business Journal, research a current issue or controversy related to sports products, endorsements, or sponsorships. Provide a link to the article along with a one paragraph summary. Share our opinion about how the issue or controversy should be resolved. Use the topic materials, what you have learned in the course, and your own outside research to formulate and support your opinion about the situation.

MKT 373 Topic 8 DQ 2

As part of your CLC assignment, you developed a PowerPoint presentation related to the rebranding of team merchandise. Record the presentation you would make about the rebranding plan to team stakeholders and decisions makers and post the link in the Main Forum. Provide your peers with feedback about the effectiveness of their presentation.

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 MKT 373 Week 8 Complete Work GCU

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