MKT 373 Week 1 Complete Work GCU

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MKT 373 Week 1 Complete Work GCU

MKT 373 Topic 1 DQ 1

Sports marketing is a specific niche within the marketing industry. Conduct research using industry sources such as the Sports Business Journal and find an article that illustrates how today’s sports marketers are focusing on new niches within the sports industry as they attempt to grow a specific brand, team, or sport through gaining new fans. Post a link to the article and summarize the strategy the sports marketer is using to sell the brand, team, or sport. Discuss whether or not you think the strategy is effective and provide specific reasons to support your opinion.

MKT 373 Topic 1 DQ 2

The sports marketing industry is extremely competitive, and to be successful you must develop your networking skills and gain practical experience through volunteering and completing internships. To learn more about the skills employers’ desire, conduct research related to sports marketing internships. Using Appendix A in the textbook and your own research, read the postings for at least five different internship positions. Discuss what appear to be the most common types of jobs available along with the five most important essential skills and responsibilities associated with the positions. Based on what you viewed in the internship postings, how important is it to have skills in the following areas?

  1. Sales and revenue generation
  2. Data analytics
  3. Use of technology and social media

Discuss reasons you believe these skills are or are not critical to your future success as a sports business professional.

Understanding consumers and creating sports marketing directed specifically at sports fans helps teams and brands generate revenue. Through studying “Fan DNA” you can devise marketing strategies that target the consumer, create competitive advantage in the marketplace, and ultimately increase the return on investment for teams and brands.

Begin by viewing Repucom’s “Fan DNA” video from the Topic Materials. Next, view the Infographic, “2013 Sports Fan Demographics” and read “A Demographic Profile of League and Team Fans” in the Topic Materials. From these and the other topic sources, you can see that there is a wide range of information and categories you can use to develop the profile of a typical fan.

For this assignment, select a major sports team and research its Fan DNA. Your goal is to do the following in a 500-750 word paper.

  1. Identify the Fan DNA by summarizing it as a specific consumer profile associated with the team. Site the resources you used to compile the information within the profile.
  2. List three marketing ideas you could apply to consumers within this sports marketing niche with the goal of creating competitive advantage and a return on investment for the team.
  3. Explain how incorporating each idea could create competitive advantage for the team and provide a return on investment (i.e., through increased sales of tickets, merchandise, etc.) while meeting the needs of consumers who fit the Fan DNA profile.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.

This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectation for successful completion.

You are required to submit this assig

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