MKT 373 Full Course Discussions GCU

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MKT 373 Full Course Discussions GCU

MKT 373 Topic 1 DQ 1

Sports marketing is a specific niche within the marketing industry. Conduct research using industry sources such as the Sports Business Journal and find an article that illustrates how today’s sports marketers are focusing on new niches within the sports industry as they attempt to grow a specific brand, team, or sport through gaining new fans. Post a link to the article and summarize the strategy the sports marketer is using to sell the brand, team, or sport. Discuss whether or not you think the strategy is effective and provide specific reasons to support your opinion.

MKT 373 Topic 1 DQ 2

The sports marketing industry is extremely competitive, and to be successful you must develop your networking skills and gain practical experience through volunteering and completing internships. To learn more about the skills employers’ desire, conduct research related to sports marketing internships. Using Appendix A in the textbook and your own research, read the postings for at least five different internship positions. Discuss what appear to be the most common types of jobs available along with the five most important essential skills and responsibilities associated with the positions. Based on what you viewed in the internship postings, how important is it to have skills in the following areas?

  1. Sales and revenue generation
  2. Data analytics
  3. Use of technology and social media

Discuss reasons you believe these skills are or are not critical to your future success as a sports business professional.

MKT 373 Topic 2 DQ 1

The term ambush marketing was first coined in conjunction with the 1984 Olympics. Since then, ambush marketing has become part of the sports business landscape. Recently, major events such as the Olympic Games, Wimbledon, the Super Bowl, and many others have taken action to try to stop ambush marketers from overshadowing sponsors who have paid hefty prices for the right to the advertising marquees at these major events. The International Olympic Committee has even passed legislation known as “Rule 40” in an effort to curtail ambush marketing. Using the Topic Materials and your own research, discuss the pros and cons of ambush marketing. Share your opinions about the purpose and value of ambush marketing and support your stance using the Topic Materials and your own researched examples.

MKT 373 Topic 2 DQ 2

Dynamic pricing or surge pricing refers to the setting of prices for a good or service based on demand at the moment meaning that during times of high demand organizations raise its prices, often drastically. Dynamic pricing has helped maximize revenue but many customers feel companies are profiteering and exploiting its customer base.  Please find a specific example of a team or brand that uses dynamic pricing a share your thoughts with a relevant example?

MKT 373 Topic 3 DQ 1

Research a real-life case of sponsorship failure in the sports business industry. Include links to the related research along with a summary of why the sponsorship failed. Discuss specifically what caused the failure and include your ideas about how the sponsorship could have been structured differently so it could have been successful. If, in your opinion, there was no opportunity for sponsorship success, explain why and offer an alternate sponsor and explain why working with that sponsor that might have produced better end results.

MKT 373 Topic 3 DQ 2

Your assignment in this topic was to develop a sponsorship sales deck to obtain sponsors for an event of your choice. After taking time to practice your sales pitch, record your pitch and post the link in the Main Forum for peer review. View your classmates’ pitches and provide constructive feedback about ways they can improve their presentation to potential sponsors.

MKT 373 Topic 4 DQ 1

Read “8 Ways Analytics Are Changing Pro Sports,” and “Innovations in Sports Analytics: Marketing & In-Game Experiences” from the Topic Materials. Which of the analytics strategies profiled in the articles do you believe will have the most influence on the sports industry? Discuss how this analytics strategy impacts the sports marketing landscape?

MKT 373 Topic 4 DQ 2

With data analytics playing a role in everything from marketing to fans to player selection, there are many ethical issues that can arise in relation to the collection and use of data. Using an industry publication such as the Sports Business Journal, research a current ethical issue associated with sports and analytics. Summarize the ethical dilemma and share your opinions about how this dilemma should be addressed. Provide links to relevant articles and support your opinions with ideas, facts, and examples.

MKT 373 Topic 5 DQ 1

Social media is one of the most important ways that team, organizations, and brands connect with fans. Athletes play a major role in the social media landscape, with their posts, comments, photos, and videos often accessed by millions of fans. How can posts by individual athletes directly impact teams, organizations, and brands in positive and negative ways? Provide specific examples to illustrate your opinions. Discuss the challenges athlete social media activity poses for sports marketing professionals, and ways that organizations can proactively address potential situations.

MKT 373 Topic 5 DQ 2

Social media offers aspiring sports marketing professionals many opportunities to interact with industry professionals through a wide range of groups, discussion forums, and online organizations. Using resources such as LinkedIn or the North American Society for Sports Management, locate two or three groups or discussion forums of interest to you. Post the links to each along with a brief summary of how other students can use the sites to interact and network with industry professionals.

MKT 373 Topic 6 DQ 1

Read “5 Ways the Sports Marketing Industry Is About to Change Forever” from the Topic Materials. Using data analytics, advertisers now have much more timely information about the effectiveness of athlete endorsers. In your opinion, how will analytics and social media directly impact the way endorsement deals are designed and how much athletes may be paid for product endorsements in the future? Support your ideas with reasons, facts, and examples from the Topic Materials and your own research.

MKT 373 Topic 6 DQ 2

Create a list of five pros and cons associated with using athletes to endorse products or services. As a sports marketing professional, what are some specific strategies you can take to capitalize on the pros and minimize the risks of the cons associated with using athlete endorsers? When structuring an endorsement contract, how can you ensure that you get the maximum benefit from the endorsement? What contractual elements would you include related to risks?

MKT 373 Topic 7 DQ 1

The marketing strategy of corporate naming rights for sports venues is a fairly recent strategy in the sports business landscape. Imagine you are on the marketing team for a minor league team that will be moving to your city. You have been tasked with generating revenue for the team through the sale of stadium naming rights. Based upon what you learned from the Topic Materials, compose a one-paragraph pitch to persuade a local company that naming rights are worth the hefty price tag. Post your pitch to the Main Forum. Provide your peers with constructive feedback about ways to improve their pitch.

MKT 373 Topic 7 DQ 2

Why would a company want to do naming rights, please list three tangible and three intangible pieces of a naming rights deal?

MKT 373 Topic 8 DQ 1

Using an industry resource such as the Sports Business Journal, research a current issue or controversy related to sports products, endorsements, or sponsorships. Provide a link to the article along with a one paragraph summary. Share our opinion about how the issue or controversy should be resolved. Use the topic materials, what you have learned in the course, and your own outside research to formulate and support your opinion about the situation.

MKT 373 Topic 8 DQ 2

As part of your CLC assignment, you developed a PowerPoint presentation related to the rebranding of team merchandise. Record the presentation you would make about the rebranding plan to team stakeholders and decisions makers and post the link in the Main Forum. Provide your peers with feedback about the effectiveness of their presentation.

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Grand Canyon MKT 373 Full Course Discussions GCU

MKT 373 Full Course Discussions GCU

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