MIS 610 Topic 2 CASE Query Errors GCU

MIS 610 Topic 2 CASE Query Errors GCU

MIS 610 Topic 2 CASE Query Errors GCU


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MIS 610 Topic 2 CASE Query Errors GCU


The purpose of this assignment is to evaluate and resolve query errors.

For this assignment, you will group data and resolve query errors via solutions appropriate to each. You will use Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Developer Edition and the content from the AdventureWorks 2016 and Scripts for SQL Server 2016 CTP3 to complete the assignment.

Please note that when SQL queries are run, results are generated in the form of data. This data should be exported and saved to Excel for a visual check of accuracy.

Create a Word document that includes the SQL queries used to explore the database tables, and answer the following questions.

Query Scenarios

Problem One

Your manager needs you to compile a list of all the products the company sells as well as the time required to manufacture them in order to provide this information to the sales department for the presentation of timelines in an upcoming company-wide sales meeting. Your manager specifically needs to know which products take (1) less than 4 days to manufacture, or (2) more than 4 days to manufacture. Looking at the “Production.Product” and using CASE logic, identify each product with a tag of “Under 4 days” or “More than 4 days” and title the field “Timeframe.”

Problem Two

Using the query you created from Problem One as a basis, your manager wants to know the numbers of products that fall into each of the two categories.

Note: This process requires two separate SUM statements using CASE logic through the “Manufacturing time.”

Problem Three

Also related to the upcoming sales meeting, the sales manager is building a report for which a list of states using a custom market name is required. Using the “Person.StateProvince” table, use CASE logic to turn “TerritoryID” into a named market for each of the following: Western Market, North Eastern Market, Mid-Western Market, South Western Market, and South Eastern Market. Make sure to include the “TerritoryID” and to order your results by this field.

Problem Four

The sales manager has also identified a need to know “Year to Date” sales by the new market segments using the same descriptions you developed in Problem Three.

Problem Five

Now that you have provided the sales manager with year-to-date sales by market segment in Problem Four, the sales manager would like you to provide year-to-date sales by state. This is not realistically possible through the existing company database setup. Explain why and what would be needed for the database to accomplish this dataset in the future.

General Requirements

Compile the Excel data file and Word document containing the SQL queries and answers to the questions into a .zip file and submit to your instructor.

APA style is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.

This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

You are not required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite.



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MIS 610 Topic 2 CASE Query Errors GCU

Best MIS 610 Topic 2 CASE Query Errors GCU

MIS 610 Topic 2 CASE Query Errors GCU

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