LOG 302 Module 1 Complete TUI

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LOG 302 Module 1 Complete TUI

Facilities Planning, Warehousing, and Distribution Centers

LOG 302 Module 1 Discussion


Use this week’s background readings to understand how warehouses/distribution centers are evolving, and then find at least one other recent resource. For your post:

  • Provide guidance regarding the short- and long-term financial impact of warehouse automation.
  • Based on research, determine which warehouse/distribution center changes are most crucial.
  • Using the resource beyond this week’s readings, provide a real-world example of a company employing warehouse/distribution center advancements and how the changes worked out for them. (The article should be less than two years old.)

This post should be 2 paragraphs in length (at least 100 words). Since you are engaging in research, be sure to cite in the body of the post and add a reference list in APA format. NOTE: Failure to use research with accompanying citations to support content will result in reduced scoring “Level 2-Developing” for Assignment-Driven Criteria, Critical Thinking, Writing Mechanics, and Referencing on the grading rubric.


Human–Machine Warehouse Workforce

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the warehousing and storage workforce has been steadily growing since 1990. It has nearly tripled since 1990. Occupations included in the calculations: truck and tractor operators, material movers, clerks, and managers.

Warehousing and Storage Employees 1990-2019

Average earnings and hours for production and nonsupervisory employees for October 2019 was $18.65 based on a 40-hour workweek with the vast majority working in the private sector. The BLS also updates statistics on work-related fatalities, injuries, and illnesses and compares them with other industries. Looking beyond the numbers, there is a growing literature that predicts worker displacement and management issues of frontline employees including technology shifts and workplace safety.


LOG 302 Module 1 Case Assignment

Warehouses and Distribution Centers

Ask, “What’s the difference between a warehouse and distribution center?” and you’ll get different answers. Move on to the array of technology available to automate and track materials in this part of the supply chain and beyond, which is evolving at a rapid pace. Experts point to cost savings through effective inventory management and innovative technology to maintain a competitive edge which have been embraced by leaders in the field.

We covered the labor force during this week’s Discussion and location decisions in SLP 1. Let us move on to what is going on inside warehouse/distribution centers and the important functions they play in the supply chain.

Case Assignment

Begin with the background readings to provide a foundation, and then research at least three diverse technologies that are being used in warehouses/distribution centers that help manage and track inventory and product within the facility, including those that are employed down the supply chain.

  • Discuss the three technologies, and then add an overview of initial costs and cost savings, if applicable. Include information on how these technologies affect human workers with regard to job displacement, safety, etc. Finally, discuss the software that supports functions within the facility for each new tech item.
  • The discussion for each technology should be 1 page in length.

Resources should be no more than three years old for this Case because the industry is changing rapidly and the goal is to remain relevant throughout your career.


LOG 302 Module 1 SLP Assignment

Location and Utilization Considerations

Changing consumer requirements for expedited delivery caused a shift in warehousing operations, including location and utilization to support transport to both brick-and-mortar locations as well as consumers. The tight turnaround times for stocked products necessitates vehicle and truck ingress/egress and loading which means focusing on local zoning requirements, traffic studies, and public outcry, which may delay the project. Warehouses that support multiple customers add another level of complexity to the scenario. Major cities and small towns often react to an increase in warehouses and associated increased traffic flow. Some locations provide tax breaks to attract warehouses for long-term tax base and employment opportunities. The background readings provide an overview of developments in warehouse location selection.

SLP Assignment

Selecting the location of a warehouse or distribution center is crucial and depends on many factors, including proximity to transportation hubs, area zoning, available workforce, and connection with the company’s logistics network. For this SLP, your task is to research an area that a company has chosen for its distribution center for non-perishable items. NOTE: Select an area in the U.S. with which you have familiarity.

Comparison of Two Choices: Location Summary

  • Provide an overview of the company’s proposed distribution center: size, type of product(s) to be accommodated (based on the scenario you are creating).
  • Specify the chosen general location (based on the scenario you are creating).
  • Provide pertinent Census data (don’t copy tables); enter two possible municipalities and county/counties into the search and the database will list the most recent government data for each in tabular format.
  • Compare the choices.
    The written portion of the section will be one-half page in length (tabular data not included in page count).

Property Search

Look for two available properties: either vacant land, warehouse space, or a building that can be converted to a warehouse/distribution facility in two different cities in the chosen area. There are multiple companies that list commercial properties. Use LoopNet or search “commercial properties listing” and major real estate companies will have links for commercial property listings.

  • Explain how each property matches requirements enumerated in the first section.
  • Research the area and discuss proximity to applicable transportation hubs (air, rail, port, highways).
    This portion of the paper will be one-half page in length.

Municipality and County’s Economic Development

  • Go to each municipality’s official website and search for incentives, programs, or tools available for new businesses. Explain what is available to make the property appealing.
  • Go to each county website and search for incentives, programs, or tools available for new businesses. Explain what is available to make the property appealing.
    This portion of the paper will be one-half page in length.

Location Choice

  • Based on the research, which property will work best for the proposed distribution center?
    This portion of the paper will be ¾–1 page in length.


Screenshot and paste property #1 information (include page hyperlink).

Screenshot and paste property #2 information (include page hyperlink).



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LOG 302 Module 1 Complete TUI

Best LOG 302 Module 1 Complete TUI

LOG 302 Module 1 Complete TUI

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