HIT 120 Week 7 Performance Improvement DeVry

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HIT 120 Week 7 Performance Improvement DeVry


Students must share a draft PowerPoint presentation of their course project.  The PowerPoint should cover all of the deliverables.  Your PowerPoint should be between 10-15 slides.  In addition, students must provide feedback based on the course project requirements and grading criteria to 2 students.  These peer reviews will be similar to discussions.



This week, we will focus reviewing for next week’s CAHIIM Domain Check Points. You are encouraged to review and respond to as many questions as possible; however, for full credit, at least respond to three questions throughout the week. Let’s start this discussion with the following three questions:

  1. What are some of the typical/traditional roles of coders and health information professionals? How about some new roles and positions that have lately emerged?
  2. What are some of the health information functions? Describe one of them in greater details.
  3. Read another student’s response and post a comment. Your comment can add to their discussion, supplement with additional information, or present another point of view. It is not enough to simply post “agree” or “great job!”

Your discussion deliverables should include:

  1. Two written responses discussing any of the topics above. Make sure you write the topic you are responding to at the beginning of your response.
  2. A third written response of your choice. This can be about:
    1. The third topic you did not address already. If you go with this option, make sure you identify which topic you are addressing.
    2. Response to a new question or probe posted by the professor during the week. Start by stating which question or probe you are addressing and make sure you click under that particular thread.
    3. Further explanation or elaboration on another student’s response. Start by stating which student’s response you are addressing and make sure you click under that particular thread.
    4. Sharing of relevant experiences or examples that support the issue being discussed. Explain which concepts you are illustrating with your example.

For a high-quality response, please make sure to provide details and explanations and use your own words. Please DO NOT plagiarize (do not copy the textbook or do not copy information from the internet.) It’s OK to write in simple terms; the most important outcome is to practice you writing and presentation skills, reflect your knowledge about this week’s content, and demonstrating professionalism. This will help with retention in the long-term. Don’t forget to use proper grammar and spelling, as well as references for the additional resources you use.




Before attempting this quiz:

  • Watch the Week 7 Program Orientation video and obtain the password.
  • Log in and explore Career Services Resources using the following instructions:  HireDeVry 2.0 Student Guide.pdf



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HIT 120 Week 7 Performance Improvement DeVry

Best HIT 120 Week 7 Performance Improvement DeVry

HIT 120 Week 7 Performance Improvement DeVry

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