HCA 699 Topic 8 Discussions GCU



HCA 699 Topic 8 Discussions GCU

HCA 699 Topic 8 DQ 1

Post your Evidence-Based Practice Proposal Project Presentation as directed by the instructor. Review all of the presentations but provide critical commentary only to two others posted. This is a peer review of the proposal project, you will need to address the strengths of the proposal as well as recommendations for improvement. If a post already has two feedback posts then move on to another peer review proposal project presentation. You will be responsible for responding to each peer’s feedback that is posted to your original presentation post.

HCA 699 Topic 8 DQ 2

There is power in having data to support change. The EBP process is one way of advancing improvements in health care. Identify three strategies that you will now incorporate into your role in health care based on this course. Explain your rationale.



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