HA 610 Unit 6 Assignment Research Presentation Herzing University



HA 610 Unit 6 Assignment Research Presentation Herzing University


In at least a three to four-student team (some teams may vary in the number of student partners due to class size), please prepare 20 slides on the topics that follow.

*Imagine that you and your coworkers/colleagues are delivering a presentation at the Annual Conference of Healthcare Executives in Orlando, Florida.

Prepare a 20-slide PowerPoint presentation with presenter’s notes in which you focus on a single dimension of performance of the US health care delivery system. Please examine how performance on this dimension is influenced by the organization and financing of health care in the United States and behavior of key health system stakeholders, what must be improved or reformed to achieve performance gains in your selected area, and the implications of your analysis for health policy and management. You may focus on performance in a broadly-defined area (such as quality of care, cost or access to care, balancing internal/external costs, dealing with regulatory agencies,) or you may define your focus more narrowly within one of these categories (e.g., quality of care for chronically-ill elderly patients, cost-effectiveness of new medical technologies, access to specialized care for low-income populations). In your analysis, please consider all stakeholders relevant to your specified focus—providers, payers and purchasers, patients, communities, policy-makers, and other groups that play a role in performance in your focal area—and be sure to examine performance and implications for reform at both the policy and delivery system levels.

The presentation must be 20 slides in length. Please include references to course readings as well as any relevant outside sources that support your analysis. Citations and a references page (not included in slide length) are required.

Each team member must submit your team’s collective presentation individually—although your team will receive the same score based on the quality and creativity of the collective demonstration. Remember to work as a team—and communicate with each other throughout the term. You will be placed into teams during Unit 2—and I strongly urge you to begin working on this project right away—meaning, don’t wait until the last minute to begin.

**Be sure to include “presenter’s notes” at the base of each slide.  Further, work together so that every one on your team “keeps the balance” (remember assignment one/unit one)—so, you may want to appoint a “team leader” early in the process. Every duty is important, so it’s up to you to phone/text each other, e-mail each other, share research, slide templates, anything/everything needed to make this demonstration a cohesive, collective endeavor—and because this project carries significant point value in this course, it must be your absolute best work. Remember that your presentation shouldn’t look like a writing assignment—it’s PowerPoint—a visual program, so use its features, but keep it professional at the same time. Further, use charts, graphs, tables to convey your information/data as well. Again, I must be able to read your speakers notes at the bottom of each slide; however, slides should not be too wordy—and if they are, they are virtually unreadable if sitting in an audience. Use bullet points and imagery to convey your info in conjunction with the speakers notes that explain (to me) what you are presenting. Have fun with this one, too!

**Find the balance–meaning, your presentation must represent both the clinical and administrative perspectives on these issues.**

Use the Unit 6 required resources to help you with this assignment.

Evaluation Criteria

100 points – Quality and depth of research

100 points – Appearance and professional construct of slides

50 points – Completeness of presenter’s notes

50 points – Cohesiveness of presentation and the presence of team work

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Recent HA 610 Unit 6 Assignment Research Presentation Herzing University
HA 610 Unit 6 Assignment Research Presentation Herzing University



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