ECET 220 Week 2 Lab DeVry

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ECET 220 Week 2 Lab DeVry

Lab 2 of 7: Bipolar Junction Transistor—Biasing (30 points)


In this week’s lab, you will learn how to analyze, simulate, construct, and test bipolar junction transistor biasing circuits. After collection of the data, the results will be evaluated for accuracy.


This lab’s deliverables include the laboratory’s worksheet with its Cover Sheet (completed in the typed format shown within the worksheet), Observations/Measurements, and Questions sections.

The entire lab is worth 30 points. See worksheet and instruction documents for grading information.

Required Software

MultiSim Software

Access the software at (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..

Steps: 1, 2, and 3

Lab Steps

STEP 1: Download the Lab

Download the W2 Lab Instructions and Worksheet and save them to your PC.

Note: These items are found in Doc Sharing.

STEP 2: Lab Cover Sheet

The report cover sheets must be completed for all labs. The key parts of these sheets include the following.

  • Objective: A one- or two-sentence explanation of the purpose of the lab.
  • Results: A statement of the final output, such as if the circuit/software worked properly.
  • Conclusions: Conclusions based on the results—usually directly related to the purpose of the lab.
  • Observations/Measurements: All results from the lab must be recorded on the cover sheets. Turn in the cover sheets for grading and retain the remainder of the lab as worksheets.

STEP 3: Carry Out Instructions for Theoretical Analysis in Part III: Procedure

Follow the instructions in Part A: Theoretical Analysis, and record all required measurements.

In this part, you will be predicting the characteristics of a parallel circuit using the various laws that we have discussed for the analysis. Make sure you go over the exercise problems embedded in the lecture to get a better understanding. Use proper units along with engineering notation to represent the electrical quantities.

See Part A: Theoretical Analysis in the lab’s Instructions document.

STEP 4: Complete MultiSim Simulation Results in Part III: Procedure

Using MultiSim, perform the steps identified recording the required measurements.

In this part, you will be using technology to verify your predictions. You will be using MultiSim to simulate the given circuit. Record the required parameters as indicated by the meters and calculate the other quantities based on these measurements. Make sure to copy and paste the circuit from here into the Word document and let the page adjust to auto fit.

See Part B: MultiSim Simulation Results in the lab’s Instructions document.

STEP 5: Complete Experimental Breadboard Results in Part III: Procedure

Construct the circuit. Perform the steps identified recording the required measurements.

See Part C: Experimental Breadboard Results in the lab’s Instructions document.

STEP 6: Complete Results Analysis in Part III: Procedure

Record the data collected from this experiment. Determine the error percentages.

See Part D: Results Analysis in the lab’s Instructions document.

STEP 7: Transfer Recorded Values to Observations/Measurements

Copy the recorded results for Questions A, B, C, and D in Part III: Observations/Measurements section of the lab. This is the page immediately following the Cover Sheet in the worksheet.

STEP 8: Answer Questions Section

Make sure to completely answer all of the questions in this lab’s worksheet.

STEP 9: Verify Completion of the Cover Sheet

Type all required information onto the Cover Sheet section in the worksheet.

See Step 2: Complete the Lab Cover Sheet, in the iLab steps shown above on this page for specific information.

STEP 10: Submit Your Deliverables

Submit only the worksheet with its Cover Sheet, Observations/Measurements, and Questions sections.

See the Syllabus section “Due Dates for Assignments & Exams” for due date information.


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ECET 220 Week 2 Lab DeVry

Best ECET 220 Week 2 Lab DeVry

ECET 220 Week 2 Lab DeVry

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