DeVry HRM 420 Week 8 Assignment Latest

DeVry HRM 420 Week 8 Assignment Latest

DeVry HRM 420 Week 8 Assignment Latest


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DeVry HRM 420 Week 8 Assignment Latest



Read the following – Case: Determining Training Needs at Summit Credit Union on page 147 in your textbook.

The Course Project will consist of four parts. It will be a training proposal that contains a needs assessment, training goals, training methods, and a training evaluation. The final course project due in week 8 will be an 10-15 page paper that will contain an introduction, conclusion, at least five scholarly sources (including the text) and be in APA format.

In weeks 2, 3, 6, you will create the needs assessment, training goals, and training methods part of the final course project. For week 8, you will create a one cohesive paper that includes these parts plus an introduction, training evaluation and conclusion.

The final paper that is submitted during week 8 needs to be cohesive and contain the following subheadings (in bold):


Needs Assessment (from week 2)

What method(s) of needs assessment would you use, and why?

Who would you involve in your needs assessment, and why?

Training Goals and Objectives (from week 3)

Develop three, specific objectives for your training. Ensure they are broken down into the outcome, criterion, and condition.

Develop a SMART goal for each objective.

Training Methods (from week 6)

Identify at least two specific methods of training would you use to train the personnel, explain why these were chosen, and explain how you would implement the training. Explain how these would fulfill the SMART training objectives from Week 3

Training Evaluation (week 8)

How would you conduct a formative evaluation?

How would you conduct a summative evaluation?





Please fill out the Team Peer Review  (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.found in the course “Files” and provide an honest and objective evaluation of how each Team member has supported the Course Project so far. Comments for each group member needs to be professional, in your own words, grammatically correct, and at least 100 words.

This is a private document that only your Professor will see.

This is worth 100 points

The Peer Review is due on Saturday of Week 8.




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DeVry HRM 420 Week 8 Assignment Latest

Best DeVry HRM 420 Week 8 Assignment Latest

DeVry HRM 420 Week 8 Assignment Latest

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