CRMJ 300 Week 6 Complete Discussions DeVry



CRMJ 300 Week 6 Complete Discussions DeVry

CRMJ 300 Week 6 Discussions


In general, more people receive dispositions for community supervision than for incarceration. What are the different kinds of community release? Are they effective? Why or why not? Identify at least one controversy regarding their use and explain why this controversy exists?


The history of incarceration reveals intervals where people have to “break rocks” or receive services that could reduce the risk of recidivism upon completion of a sentence. Explain where you think society is, currently, in terms of whether one or the other is the prevailing approach in this country. Do you see that lasting for much longer and heading in the other direction? Why?


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CRMJ 300 Week 6 Complete Discussions DeVry

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CRMJ 300 Week 6 Complete Discussions DeVry

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