CMIS 141 Homework 1

CMIS 141 Homework 1

CMIS 141 Homework 1


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CMIS 141 Homework 1

Write a Java program that prompts a user to enter student EMPLID (e.g., 12389), quiz 1 percentage score (e.g., 89.5), quiz 2 percentage score (e.g., 81.2), and your age (e.g. 32) and the current temperature in degrees Fahrenheit and then displays the data entered along with some conversions and calculations. You should use the command prompt and not a GUI for data entry and display.

Here is a sample run:
Enter your Student EMPLID (0 – 999999): 4301
Enter your quiz1 percentage score (0.0 – 100.0): 89.1
Enter your quiz2 percentage score (0.0 – 100.0): 82.1
Enter your age (0-120): 32
Enter the current Temperature in degrees Fahrenheit: 32.0

******* Thank you for completing our survey **********************************
Student EMPLID: 4301
Quiz 1 Score: 89.1
Quiz 2 Score: 82.1
Average quiz score: 85.6
Temperature in Celsius: 0.0
Age: 32

Note the following for the output for this application:

  1. Degrees Fahrenheit has been converted to degrees Celsius on the output.
  2. The temperature output provides the degrees symbol (°). (Hint: Use Unicode characters)
  3. The average quiz score is calculated from the two quiz scores input.

Your deliverables include all Java files (.java) and a single word (or PDF) document. The Java files should be named appropriately for your applications. Your word document should include screen shots showing the successful compiling and running of each application, and a detailed description of the test plan for your application. The test plan should include the input, expected output, actual output and if the test case passed or failed.

Submit your files to the Homework 1 assignment area no later than the due date listed in the calendar. You should include your name and HW1 in your word file submitted (e.g. firstnamelastnamehw1.docx)


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