CMIS 102 Week 1 Hands On Lab

CMIS 102 Week 1 Hands On Lab

CMIS 102 Week 1 Hands On Lab


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CMIS 102 Week 1 Hands On Lab

This hands-on lab demonstrate a simple sequential print statements using an online C compiler such as You should follow the instructions to complete the lab as well as perform the learning exercises at the end of this lab.


  1. Open up any online C compiler (e.g
  2. Be sure the C Language is selected.
  3. Enter the code below into the editor. (Note: LEO doesn’t let you just copy and paste from this document so you can either download the document and then copy and paste or just go to the Code for HelloWorld link for this week and copy and paste from there.)
  4. Click the submit, or run button.
  5. Try the additional learning exercises on the next page. Here is what Hello, World! Looks like using after it has successfully runHello, World C code
    #include <stdio.h>
    int main(void) {
       printf("Hello, World!");
       return 0;

Learning Exercises for you to complete

  1. Remove the semi-colon (;) at the end of this statement:
    printf("Hello, World!");

    Describe what happens. Why is the semi-colon needed?

  2. What happens if you add another printf statement such as:
    printf("Goodbye"); after the printf("Hello, World!"); line?

    Describe the new output. Be sure to support your description with screen captures of executing the new code.

  3. Experiment by adding additional printf statements to your code such as:
    printf("Goodbye \n");
    printf("Hello, again! \n");

    What does the “\n” do to the output?

Be sure to experiment by adding several printf statements and describe the resulting output. Be sure to support your description and experimentation with screen captures of executing the new code.

Submission Submit a neatly organized word (or PDF) document that demonstrates you successfully executed the Hello,World on your machine using an online compiler. You should provide a screen capture of the resulting output

Also, provide the answers, associated screen captures, C Code and descriptions of your successful completion of learning exercises 1, 2 and 3.

The answers to the learning exercises, screen captures, C code and descriptions can be included in the same neatly organized document you prepared as you ran the Hello, World application. Note the code can be embedded in the word document. However; be sure all code compiles and runs perfectly before submitting the document.


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