CIS 558 All Weeks Discussions Strayer

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CIS 558 All Weeks Discussions Strayer

CIS 558 Week 1 Discussion

“COBIT Planning”

  • Describe how organizations establish the five (5) COBIT IT governance focus areas: strategic alignment, value delivery, risk management, resource management, and performance management
  • Suppose senior management has tasked you with the planning of the COBIT compliance project. In terms of the COBIT framework, predict which key areas are likely to be problematic to implement. Suggest at least two (2) possible solutions to these problematic areas.

CIS 558 Week 2 Discussion

“Developing an ERM plan”

  • From a management perspective, decide which key policies and procedures one should consider as the starting point when developing an ERM plan for an organization. Defend your position.
  • Provide a list of essential personnel whom you believe should be involved in creating and maintaining an ERM plan for an organization. Describe the role of each person. Suggest a timeline for establishing an ERM plan, giving your opinion on how frequently the plan should be reviewed.

CIS 558 Week 3 Discussion

“Mitigating Wireless Risk”

  • Suggest two (2) of the risks and two (2) of the benefits associated with the implementation of wireless networks.
  • For each of the risks, provide key suggestions for mitigating or eliminating those risks from an auditor’s perspective. Suggest key methods for measuring the effectiveness of your solutions.

CIS 558 Week 4 Discussion

“Obstacles to CMMI Development”

  • Elaborate on three (3) of the obstacles that must be overcome as a business moves up the CMMI model. Suggest key methods for overcoming the obstacles you have identified.
  • Describe the measurable benefits of progressing up the CMMI model. From an auditing perspective, determine the manner in which these benefits might be observed.
CIS 558 Week 5 Discussion

“Automated Auditing”  Please respond to the following:

  • CAATTs can be helpful when dealing with immense amounts of data. However, developing a CAATT system can be time consuming. Argue for or against the use of CAATT systems.
  • Identify the key elements of building an effective CAATT system. Elaborate on two (2) challenges faced when designing an effective CAATT system, and suggest possible solutions to these problems.
CIS 558 Week 6 Discussion

“Audit Project Control”  Please respond to the following:

  • Compare and contrast an IT Audit project with other projects which might be found in an IT department. Describe two (2) challenges that are unique to IT Audit projects. Suggest an approach to mitigate each challenge you selected.
  • Based on the challenges identified, describe the controls that the project manager would need to implement in order to overcome potential project control issues.
CIS 558 Week 7 Discussion

“Identity and Access Management”  Please respond to the following:

  • Analyze the identity and access management approach that organizations need to implement to effectively control access to their systems. Explain how the identity and access management approach would be influenced by the type of organization and its size.
  • For a small- to medium-sized business concerned about IT budget, determine the identity and access management practices you would recommend. In contrast, for a large organization that is extremely concerned about protecting corporate information assets, determine the identity and access management practices you would recommend. Provide a rationale for your responses.

CIS 558 Week 8 Discussion

“Effective Disaster Recovery Plans”

  • Disaster recovery planning is essential for a business to survive when unexpected events impact daily operations. Determine the areas of disaster recovery planning and preparedness you believe organizations are often lacking. Provide a rationale for your response.
  • Analyze and describe the key controls, especially non-technical controls, which would ensure a business is prepared for a disaster. Elaborate on the impact that a disaster might have on the auditing process.

CIS 558 Week 9 Discussion

“Change and Patch Management”

  • Analyze IT change management and patch management processes needed within organizations. Identify three (3) challenges organizations face when implementing change and patch management processes for the first time. Make suggestions to address these challenges.
  • Suggest the elements of change and patch management that are most difficult to audit in a large corporate environment with multiple IT issues and changes occurring every day. Provide a rationale for your suggestions.

CIS 558 Week 10 Discussion

“Quality Assurance and Auditing Standards”

  • Describe the actions an organization needs to execute in order to improve their quality assurance and auditing processes within the organization.
  • Create a list of at least five (5) auditing best practices for organizations to follow when implementing their quality assurance auditing programs.
  • Select the auditing best practices you feel are most difficult to implement and offer means of addressing them.

CIS 558 Week 11 Discussion

“Course Conclusion and Summary”

Please respond to the following:

  • You have just completed 10 weeks of an information technology audit and control course. Imagine you have been asked to create a one (1) day training course highlighting the important elements of what you have just learned in the past ten weeks.
    • Create a hierarchy of five (no more or no less) of the most important topics that you feel need to be addressed in this one (1) day course that best fits the course title of “Information Technology Audit and Control: The Essentials Presented in One Day.” Give a detailed rationale for each of the five (5) topics.
  • Using 140 characters or less (the length of a Tweet), summarize the importance of this class to someone unfamiliar with the concepts.

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CIS 558 All Weeks Discussions Strayer

Strayer CIS 558 All Weeks Discussions Strayer

CIS 558 All Weeks Discussions Strayer

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