CIS 500 Week 1 DQ Shadow IT for Business Operations



CIS 500 Week 1 DQ Shadow IT for Business Operations

Shadow IT for Business Operations (20 points)

Organizations do not always provide information systems that allow their staff to perform their responsibilities efficiently and effectively. Read the article, “Lifting the Veil Off Shadow IT.” Then, respond to the following:

    • Take a position favoring or opposing shadow IT.
    • If you are in favor, give one reason that shadow IT should be allowed. If you are not in favor, provide one way that the organization can reduce the risks of shadow IT.
    • What is the best way an IT department can meet users’ technology needs without additional cost or risk to the organization? Justify your answer by responding to another student’s post that differs from your answer. Explain why your idea is preferable.
    • Do not repeat suggestions from the article or that have been posted by another student.


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