CIS 355A Week 2 Lab Developing a GUI Application

CIS 355A Week 2 Lab Developing a GUI Application

CIS 355A Week 2 Lab Developing a GUI Application


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CIS 355A Week 2 Lab Developing a GUI Application


  • Create a GUI that usesJTextField, JLabel, and JButton.
  • Write event handlers to process user data.

PROBLEM: Health Profile App
GymsRUs would like to replace their console program with an updated app using a graphical user interface. You will use the HealthProfile class that you created in the Week 1 Lab and build a GUI for it.

Make sure your HealthProfile class from the Week 1 Lab is in a named package, not default (i.e., package lab1).

You must ADD the project that contains the HealthProfile class to this week’s project by
right click project, go to properties; and
click Libraries, Add Project, click OK.

Then you will be able to reference your existing class as
import lab1.HealthProfile.

Your project will have three classes:

  • HealthProfile class from Week 1 Lab
  • HealthProfileGUI class
  • Lab2Main class

Your HealthProfildGUI class should have the following components (see sample GUI below):

  • JTextField objects to enter: name, age, height in feet, height in inches, weight in pounds
  • JButton objects to display results, clear the GUI
  • JTextField objects to display the BMI, category, and max heart rate
  • JLabels to describe all textboxes

You are free to layout and design your GUI as you like as long as it includes these components.

Add default and parameterized constructors to your HealthProfile class. The parameterized constructor should have five arguments: the name, age, weight, height in feet, and height in inches. Note it should convert the height to inches to store in the private instance variable.
Code event handlers for each button:

  • Display: Make sure all user input is present and valid
    Use the HealthProfile class to process the data
    Display the results on the GUI
  • Clear Clear all text boxes on the GUI


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