BIO 101 Module 4 Complete Evolution and Biological Diversity TUI

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BIO 101 Module 4 Complete Evolution and Biological Diversity TUI

BIO 101 Module 4 Discussion

Discussion: Evolution and Modern Day Life

Discussion Topic

One of the more important evolutionary concerns facing humans today is the impact on present day environments and populations. Consider how evolutionary processes may be impacting the fields of medicine, agriculture or the environment. Research topics such as antibiotic resistance, pesticide use (resistant insects/plants) or “recent” changes in human traits such as the theory of the “shrinking brain.”

Describe your chosen research topic on recent evolutionary processes. Explain how the evolution of rapidly changing populations or traits may be affecting humans in modern day society. Compare and contrast your research with that of your classmates.


BIO 101 Module 4 Discussion

Module 4 Reflective Discussion

Discussion Topic

Prepare a Reflective Essay in which you address each of the following items:

  • Which topics and concepts in this course have been most interesting to you and why?
  • Which class activities or assignments helped you learn the most? The least?
  • What would you like to learn more about (today, this week, this year, etc)?
  • How might you use the scientific reasoning skills we’re practiced in these assignments to help you evaluate claims and information?

Please complete an anonymous Course Evaluation Survey. Instructors are not able to view course evaluation reports until after the grade submission period is over. Thank you for your feedback.


BIO 101 Module 4 Case

Case Assignment

Answer the following questions in essay format. See the assignment expectations below for details on how to format your essay. You will be selecting one species from the video below to address questions 4 and 5 (video is approximately 12 minutes in length). You will need to conduct additional research to complete the essay in detail.

    1. In your own words define natural selection and evolution.
    2. What are four key components of natural selection?
    3. What kinds of variable traits might natural selection act upon within a population?Choose one species from the video below (examples include the peacock or North American Elk) to complete the remaining two questions for your Case Assignment:Conboy, R. Evolution – Why Sex? Retrieved March 13, 2018 from
    4. Sexual selection is a “special case” of natural selection. Define sexual selection (explain the concepts of male competition and female choice in your answer)
    5. How do the unique traits of the animal you have chosen increase its fitness (in reproductive terms)?


BIO 101 Module 4 SLP

For your Module 4 SLP you will be completing a multiple-choice quiz based on the required readings from Modules 3 and 4.

Remember: Be sure to take notes as you read through the materials from each module, as your quiz is based on all the material from both Modules 3 and 4.

Your quiz consists of 15 randomly generated multiple-choice questions worth 2 points each, for a maximum of 30 points.

Time and planning:

You will have 45 minutes minutes to complete the quiz.

You will be able to retake the quiz to improve on your score to a maximum of 2 attempts. The highest attempt score will count toward your final grade.

You cannot exit the quiz once it has started. If you experience technical problems—a dropped Internet connection, a crashed computer, or the like—while taking a quiz, first try to reconnect and re-enter the quiz.

If the quiz is still available, and your time to take the quiz has not expired, you can pick up where you left off.

Note: If the quiz has expired and you cannot finish, the attempt is still counted. Therefore, it is important to answer the questions to the best of your ability on each quiz attempt.


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BIO 101 Module 4 Complete Evolution and Biological Diversity TUI

Best BIO 101 Module 4 Complete Evolution and Biological Diversity TUI

BIO 101 Module 4 Complete Evolution and Biological Diversity TUI

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